New lodges in 2011-2012


One of the main pillars in the Príncipe Development Plan is Sustainable Economic Growth which focuses, amongst other things, on employment of the local population in tourism enterprises. Employment will be created in hotels, airport, service and logistical sector.

A total of 150 extra beds will be realized on different sites on the island of Príncipe. An intimate beach lodge will be built on Praia Borra and a new luxurious beach resort will also be constructed on Praia Macaco and Praia Boi. 

The former plantation Belo Monte will be restored to its original colonial style and will host a small luxury boutique hotel. Bom Bom itself will also be converted into smaller and even more up-market accommodation. Meanwhile, the construction of a nature lodge in the south of the island, at the mouth of Rio Sào Tomé, will allow visitors to explore the Obo National Park.