National Carrier donates KSh. 10 Million ($109,000 USD) to the Kenya Red Cross

Kenya Airways Boosts National Famine Relief Kitty

…national carrier donates KSh. 10 Million ($109,000 USD) to the Kenya Red Cross

Nairobi, August 5, 2011…National Carrier Kenya Airways has today announced its support towards the ongoing Kenyans for Kenya initiative that seeks to raise funds to help feed those affected by the famine raging across parts of the country.


The airline has come up with nine initiatives to help feed and alleviate famine in the affected parts of Northern Kenya where people have been going without food for days.


  1. Kenya Airways will make a cash donation of KSh. 10 Million towards the Kenyans for Kenya kitty that seeks to raise funds towards short term interventions for the drought stricken areas.  The money will be sent to the Kenya Red Cross which is coordinating the humanitarian effort.


  1. The national carrier will also offer cargo space on KQ planes for use by Red Cross to transport donations from destinations that the airline flies to in Europe and Africa for the next two months.


  1. The airline has also launched an internal campaign supporting its staff who may want to donate towards this worthy cause by offering KSh 2/- for every KSh 1/- donated by KQ staff for the next two months.


  1. Kenya Airways staff may also contribute any untaken leave to a maximum of 5days. The donated leave days will be converted to cash and the money forwarded to the Famine Relief kitty. KQ will also double the amount of money collected via leave encashment.


  1. Kenya Airways Staff will also donate surplus clothes to the Red Cross.


  1. In addition, the airline has put in place mechanisms that will make it easy for customers to respond to contribute to the kitty. Kenya Airways, Air France and KLM have agreed to allow frequent flier customers to donate air miles for the next two months.


  1. Customers wishing to be part of the initiative can also make voluntary cash contributions to the famine kitty on the national carrier’s online booking facility on its website.


  1. The airline’s on-going on-board ‘Change makes Change’ program in which customers donate loose change and coins towards the company’s CSR initiatives will be channeled to the Kenya famine appeal kitty for the next two months.


  1. For long term sustenance Kenya Airways will review its CSR program for the next 2to 3 years and contribute 60% of the CSR budget to putting in place sustainable measures that will ensure access to safe water for residents of drought stricken areas specifically in Turkana County.


While making this announcement, Kenya Airways Chief Executive Officer Dr. Titus Naikuni noted, “the Kenya Airways family is deeply saddened by the situation and as a responsible corporate citizen, we will play our part in alleviating the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Northern Kenya and other affected regions.”


“With a staff complement of over 4000, we are confident that we can raise a substantial amount of money to help feed and clothe those in need. Additionally, our staff members will participate in our CSR initiatives in order that they may get a better understanding of the situation and also be part of the solutions,” explained Dr. Naikuni.


The Kenyans for Kenya initiative aims to raise KShs. 500,000,000 from across the board, with the aim of helping meet the immediate needs of those affected.