Cultural Tourism


So what is Cultural Tourism? To put it simply, Cultural Tourism is an exchange. It’s an opportunity for one culture to see another culture in its natural environment. By witnessing other people’s lifestyles and making comparisons with our own, we often find that there is a lot we can learn from each other and that no culture is better than another. However, as visitors, you also have to become hosts to truly “exchange” cultures.  So unless this actually happens, Cultural Tourism will be a oneway street.  Many organizations offer visitors an opportunity to view the cultures of the local inhabitants of the host countries. The visitor sees the environment, the food, art, music and dance.  He or she can see first hand the lifestyle, the hurdles and challenges that creates the culture. With a good tour guide the visitor gets to know about the history, the religion, belief and values and how they have influenced culture. If fortunate, the visitors might witness some of the festivities and celebrations of the host community.

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