Karen Blixen Camp opens a Cooking School for Maasai Youth

In early January 2012, Karen Blixen Camp in the Mara North Conservancy is proud to open its ‘Cooking and Hospitality School’. With no secondary school in the local area, more than 50% of the the Maasai youth find themselves in constant unemployment, contributing to the cycle of poverty. The camp relies on staff to look after its visitors and enhance their safari experience. Through this hospitality school the local youth will have access to affordable education. The camp’s objective is to enable graduated chefs and waiters to seek employment at camps in the Mara. Located at the camp’s premises on the Mara River, the education centre buildings have been constructed entirely from recycled materials contributing to the camp’s major green environmental commitments.

The 18 month course is divided into three sections – two six month learning skills modules separated by a six month attachment. The programme leader and head tutor is Frederik Olesen who has had five years significant culinary experience in

several top London restaurants, including the Chelsea Brasserie. Eight students have been selected from applications and interviews and they will also undertake Maths & IT training within the hospitality curriculum.

In addition to the cooking school, Karen Blixen Camp will be making available IT, Literacy and Foreign Language adult learning classes for all staff at the camp.

Karen Blixen Camp believes education is a strategic social investment that effectively contributes to the betterment of the local communities as well as the private sector itself.


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Karen Blixen Camp is part of the distinguished ’Out of Africa Collection’ of properties and safari services  in Kenya.