Wayo Africa goes zero plastic in our camps

We are a medium sized (think we are 'green') safari company and still used thousands of plastic mineral water bottles in our camps in one season. This is shocking! What’s worse is that big hotels and lodges must use hundreds of thousands! No proper or easy way for disposing of this plastic exists in remote locations so most bottles are burned on open fires.

There is a solution! All Wayo Africa mineral water is now bottled by “Just Water” in 20-liter reusable containers.  Every safari vehicle and Wayo Green Camp will have containers in easy access for guests to refill at will. Wayo Africa guests receive a complementary stainless steel water bottle to use during the safari and take home.

It is a misbelieve that guests want to open their own sealed water! Out of 300 guests only one guest insisted on sealed water. Most modern day guests are well educated in the damage of plastic to our environment and welcomes this initiative.

We have cut down the use of plastic to zero, are saving money and manage to get marketing done with branded water bottles.

Feel free to email me should you like advice.

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