Blacklisting of Mozambican CAA by the European Union

Federal Airlines has noted with increasing concern the number of queries we continue to receive with regard to the recent blacklisting of the Mozambican CAA (Institute for Civil Aviation in Mozambique) by the European Union.

This blacklisting was in response to an ICAO audit of the Mozambican CAA in January 2010, where certain non- conformities to prescribed standards were identified.

This blacklisting only affects aircraft that are registered in Mozambique (C9 aircraft registration code) and who fall under the jurisdiction of the Mozambican CAA.

Federal Airlines is a South African registered airline; its aircraft are registered in South Africa under the ZS code. As such it is governed by South African Aviation Regulations as enforced by the South African Civil Aviation Authority. South Africa is a full ICAO member state and continues to pass regular audits by this body. In addition to regular successful audits by the South African CAA, Federal Air is regularly audited by external parties at the request of Tour Operators, Oil and Gas companies as well as the United Nations for our wide and varied operations in a number of countries. Our performance in these audits attests to the high standards of safety which our crew, maintenance organization and staff continue to uphold on a daily basis.