The 'H2O Hwange' Campaign

African Bush Camps has initiated a fund raising campaign known as 'H2O Hwange' where they have pledged to support National Parks and various other organisations in their endeavors to supply water to areas of the Hwange National Park where the natural pans and water-holes have dried up.

Following a very poor rainy season, Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park faces a critical and potentially devastating dry season as the country experience’s a national drought.

African Bush Camps currently pump water to three pans within the Somalisa Concession, and the objective is to provide additional water sources in the surrounding area to avoid over-population of species and ensure enough water is available for the animals.

African Bush Camps, in partnership with African Bush Camps Foundation, have therefore initiated the ‘H2O Hwange‘ campaign to complete the installation of two solar boreholes at Nkawazaan and Manga; and to ensure long-term management and supply of water to these water-holes.

As winter takes hold and the dry season approaches, the survival of a great deal of the wildlife within Hwange National Park is dependant on available water to carry them through to the next rainy season which usually begins in November / December.

African Bush Camps in collaboration with The African Bush Camps Foundation is committed to operating in a sustainable manner and ensuring that they preserve the environment, culture and conservation of the areas in which they operate.