Lockton Global Appoints SATIB Insurance Brokers as their Southern Africa Partner Brokers

Lockton Global has announced the appointment of SATIB Insurance Brokers as their partner brokers across Southern Africa. Lockton Global clients now interested in doing business in Southern Africa (excluding SA) will be entrusted to SATIB for their insurance and risk related requirements. 

Lockton Global is a broker partnership that provides multinational companies risk management, insurance, and employee benefit solutions for more than 1,000 global clients. 

Lockton Global partner brokers commit to deliver a high level of client service. SATIB now join the team as one of these esteemed legal partners in Lockton Global.

Lockton was founded in 1966 and are based in Kansas City. Their international head office is in London. Lockton now has more than 4 450 associates in 60 offices throughout 18 countries including USA, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Australia. That, in combination with the Lockton Global partnership of which SATIB is now a member, Lockton serves clients around the world.

Lockton serves more than 15 000 clients worldwide. They have an extremely impressive 95% client retention. They are the largest independently owned broker in the world with $16+ billion in premium being placed and $915 million in revenues.

As a specialist insurance brokerage with more than twenty years in risk transfer experience, SATIB Insurance Brokers pride themselves in providing expert advice on a diverse range of insurance covers suiting their clients’ specific needs.

SATIB share Lockton’s ideal for specialist attention and have taken the approach in developing skilled teams dedicated to each of their six business units to ensure they retain the highest level of focus and expertise required by a particular business or client.  Their six business units include Tourism & Leisure, Wildlife, Life & Investment, Commercial & Industrial, Domestic and Sport.

Most insurance brokers look to standard policies as provided by insurers to cover their clients - SATIB take a different approach. They motivate their client’s specific requirements to insurers and secure policies that are both appropriate and relevant to the client’s industry.

SATIB has become recognised throughout Africa as a symbol of quality in risk transfer programmes, with A+ rated security, prompt claims settlement and efficient, personal service. In addition to exceptional products and premier service, dependant on your risk type and territory, SATIB also provides clients with unique benefits such as the SATIB24 Crisis Call facility, risk surveys, property valuations and access to capacity building and legal assistance.

SATIB is responsible for the insurance placement of assets cover of over R20 billion and are also very proud to have retained their level 3 BBEEE status in South Africa.

We are very proud to be chosen and trusted by such an esteemed organisation such as Lockton Global,” says Gavin Courtenay, Managing Director of SATIB Insurance Brokers. “They are an extremely successful company whose clients are key to them. This philosophy of client retention we at SATIB base our business on and, due to this symbiotic thinking, we look forward to a very successful and thriving partnership with Lockton Global.”

“The growth and development of the Lockton Global partnership is important to our clients and our business, and we are very pleased that SATIB agreed to become our Lockton Global partner across Southern Africa,” said Michael Goudime of Lockton Global. “We see great connections with SATIB, we both being independent and family owned businesses with a strong client focus. In addition, Southern Africa is an area of growth for our clients especially in the energy, mining, hospitality and leisure sectors.”

More than 4,450 professionals at Lockton provide more than 15,000 clients around the world with insurance, benefits, and risk management services that improve business performance. From its founding in 1966 in Kansas City, Missouri, Lockton has attracted entrepreneurial professionals who have driven its growth to become the largest privately held insurance broker in the world and 9th largest overall. To see the latest insights from Lockton’s experts, check Lockton Market Update. The Lockton Global partnership serves multinational clients around the world.


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