Relocation of Robin Pope Safaris' Tena Tena Camp - South Luangwa, Zambia

Robin Pope Safaris’ relocation of their flagship Tena Tena Camp has finally been completed and guests already enjoying the new site. Tena Tena is where Robin Pope Safaris was born, back in 1986 and it’s a dear favourite of most of our guests. The old site served us well but unfortunately the Luangwa River changed course and carved out a lot of the camp’s bank – resulting in reduced camp space as well as compromising the lifespan of the central tree.

A kilometre upstream from the old site under a magnificent grove of Mahogany trees backed up with sausage trees and a wonderful lagoon system behind, is the new home of Tena Tena. Pods of hippos line the river banks in front of the camp, as well as frequent visits through camp of genets, lion, leopard, impalas and warthog – all experienced whilst we have been building!

The new tents are slightly more spacious, set up on the river bank with en-suite bathrooms, the walls curving around trees with the fronts low enabling views of the wonderful Luangwa from everywhere. The main area has incorporated the old bar tent, which hangs elegantly from a leadwood stump as the new dining room nestled under a large tree. The bar area is open to the elements with the natural leaf canopy of the trees as its roof. Hollowed out tree stumps act as chairs and there is a large lounge area lower down where the sensation of sand between your toes creates a wonderful feeling of being truly in touch with nature.

In line with our green policy, Tena Tena is now fully powered by solar energy (generator available for those cloudy days!). This is an initiative we are delighted with and working towards spreading within our portfolio.

We are pleased with the new look Tena Tena and believe the same ambience we had at the old site has been carried through. To celebrate and encourage you to come and enjoy this, we are offering a number of special ‘reopening’ packages for the rest of the season – please contact us for details.


ànew site is a kilometre upstream from old site

àsoft furnishings have been refurbished

àthatch roofs removed and camp now fully canvas

àtents have been slightly enlarged

àcamp is now fully powered by solar energy with a generator for back up


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