Coastal Aviation now has an extra flight from Zanzibar to Saadani

The new flight will depart from Zanzibar at 17:15 and arrive in Saadani at 17:30. This is effective immediately.

Existing flights remains the same, thus flights to and from Saadani are as follow:

Morning Flight: The flight departs from Dar 09:15 to Zanzibar and then Saadani where it arrives  at 10:00. It continues on to Pangani, Moshi, Arusha and the Serengeti. Of course guests from Selous (07:25 flight) or passengers from the BA flight can also connect on to the Saadani flight in the morning.

Afternoon flight: Guests arriving from Ruaha, Selous and Mafia can connect from Dar at 16:45 to Zanzibar from where we depart at 17:15 and arrive in Saadani at 17:30.

Returning Flight:  Depart from Saadani at 17:45 and arrive in Zanzibar at 18:00 and connects onwards to Dar at 18:15