Alex Walker's Serian launch Wild Warriors Fitness!


With the Euopean summer on the way Seiran have launched their Serian Wild Fitness itinerary! 

You will notice that there is not an ounce of fat on a Masai warrior. They have this very casual lope to their walk, one that requires little to no energy, but try and keep up with them. It is your equivalent to a power walk covering long distances and keeping your speed and gait consistent and your heart rate constant. Most of the time you will have to run to keep up with them. Experience the program that keeps Masai warriors at their peak fitness to protect their clans and livestock from predation and tribal warfare.

This regimen combined with a high protein diet sheds pounds and keeps you fighting !t! 

Working with qualifed instructors, your courses will be developed to work with you no matter what your level of fitness. Your trainer will always get you limbered up with stretching exercises to get you well loosened up before the walk and Yoga workshops will also be  included into your !tness week every day. Our courses will keep you motivated and make you reach your goals while leaving you feeling energised and healthy.
This programme is for all levels of fitness. You do not need to be an Olympian to benefit from this challenge, it is not a boot camp and is meant to be enjoyable not a misery. All levels will be categorised at the beginning and taken into consideration.
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