Premier Safaris is proud to introduce a unique product for the more adventurous traveller that wants to experience Africa in a completely new way. Have you ever wished you could travel with those Explorers that you read and hear about that travel through Africa? Well now you can.

Our Explorer-in-Residence is Julian Monroe Fisher, a US citizen currently based in Austria. Julian is an explorer, an Anthropologist, an Ethnographic filmmaker, a publisher author, a Fellow with the Royal Geographical Society in London, a member of the American Anthropological Association and an International Fellow with the British Chapter of The Explorers Club in New York City.

Between 2007 and 2011 he conducted five consecutive Explorers Club flag sanctioned research expeditions to the African continent. In 2012-13 Julian guided an Expeditionary Team including David Baker, the great-great-grand son of Victorian Age explorer Sir Samuel White Baker, along Sir Samuel Baker’s 1860’s route from Cairo to Murchison Falls.

Julian will join you during your tailored Premier Safaris African adventure through Africa, starting with Uganda. Sharing tales, historical facts and anecdotes from his twenty years of leading expeditions across the African continent.

To learn more about this modern day African explorer visits his personal website www.JulianMonroeFisher.comor learn more about Premier Safaris at www.premiersafaris.com

For more information contact: Corne Schalkwyk at gm@premiersafaris.com