AMREF Notification

It has come to our notice that air and ground evacuation cover is being offered by a Flying Doctors’ Society of Africa (FDSA).

This is to inform you that AMREF Flying Doctors is not the service provider for this product.

FDSA is an independent organisation to AMREF.

AMREF and its Flying Doctor Service have been providing air ambulance services since 1957 to people in East Africa, residents and non residents alike. A membership to this service from AMREF was available through the Flying Doctors Society of Africa (FDSA) in the past but the agreement was terminated by AMREF in 2012.

Evacuation services provided by AMREF Flying Doctors, a not for profit company owned by AMREF, are available through MAISHA, the annual air ambulance scheme that is offered by AMREF Flying Doctors directly.

Our Air and Ground Ambulance services include a 24 hr Emergency Control Centre, a fleet of aircraft, fulltime medical personnel and aircrew. With this infrastructure we support our own products only, including MAISHA and our Tourist Evacuation Scheme.

This notice serves to inform you that AMREF recognizes MAISHA as the only air evacuation product that it serves and AMREF will not support nor be liable for any air evacuation services offered through FDSA following the termination of the agreement.

Also note that FDSA is not authorised to organise medical evacuations on behalf or using the name of AMREF/ AMREF Flying Doctors.

For further information or enquiries please contact us:  

Telephone + 254 731 811 811/ 706 811 811 or visit our website