Flightlink to Start Embraer 120ER operations to Arusha and Zanzibar

Flightlink to start operations of Embraer 120 ER aircraft from 1st July 2013. The aircraft will be operated Daily on Dar-Zanzibar-Arusha-Zanzibar-Dar schedule. Embraer 120 ER is a Twin Engine 30 seat Presurised aircraft, operated by 2 Flight deck crew and a Cabin Crew. The Aircraft is first of its kind in Tanzanian operations. 

The Emraer 120 aircraft will compete with ATR42 operations out of Arusha Municipal Airport and Flightlink will be the 2nd Biggest operator after Precision in terms of Passanger carrying capacity out of Arusha.

For further information, Contact Flightlink Sales and Marketing at Dar-reservations@flightlink.co.tz |+255 782 35 44 48/49/50