HTT Holidays & Incentives Appoints Dynamic CEO

Mr. Satyajeet Roy, formerly Head of Citi’s Commercial Bank responsible for UAE & Bahrain business, is the newly appointed CEO of HTT a 30 year old multinational company. HTT is known for its’ one of a kind holidays, luxury products & innovative incentives into Africa, Asia, Europe & Middle East. With plans to expand the company's network into new markets, enhance offerings with additional destinations, diverse products which truly showcase the strengths of this brand, Satya joins HTT with passion and incredible vision, to spearhead the company to greater heights.

Satya will bring to the table his understanding of disparate markets, growth strategies and skills of working with teams, to form strong sustainable models, which he did in his previous assignments with Citi in India, Europe and the Middle East. Over this remarkable 23 year journey, Roy had the opportunity to engage with dynamic individuals, brands & industry specialist and set into motion various successful businesses and products in the banking world.

Being a man of adventure, the call towards the world of outdoor, forests and travel rang loudly and finally lured him to become a part of this fraternity. Satya adds, “Personally speaking, I always wanted to someday be connected to nature and the outdoors, at the same time work with like-minded people. I think after a long wait, I have found my base camp…Lastly, while many aspects of the two industries (Banking and Tourism) could have several variables, the one thing that is constant is ‘passion’, and that to my mind is the biggest driver for growth!”

HTT President, Mr. Hanif Poona commented "We are thrilled to have Satya join the HTT Team. With his passion and experience, I am confident he will bring to life his visions for the company, our clients and partners. We congratulate him on following his heart and with it the success that is sure to come!"

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