Introduction of Embraer 120ER Brasilia in the Flightlink Fleet

Six months after the successful launching of Cessna Citation 560 Jet in December for Personalised charter and Medevac, Flightlink is now introducing yet another aircraft Embraer 120ER Brasilia in their fleet of aircrafts to compliment its network of schedule flights.

Embraer 120ER Brasilia is a Twin Engine Turbo Jet Pressurized Commuter aircraft part of the famous EMBRAER Family of New Generation Jets.

Embaer 120ER will be having a capacity of 30 seats and commanded by two flight deck crew and a cabin crew to offer services to passengers including flushing toilets and Beverage galleys

This is a proven and reliable twin engine aircraft powered by new Pratt & Whitney Engine Canada and now upgraded to 1892 ESHP PW118 Engines with a speed of over 300 knots equivalent to over 350MPH. It has pressurized cabin for comfort and it is faster than similar kinds of regional and Domestic aircrafts now operating in the region.

At great expense, Flightlink is doing its utmost to upgrade the passenger services for traveling public emphasizing on the comfort, speed, efficiency, capacity and above all safety.

Since its introduction, Embraer 120ER has been one of the successful models in the world and mainly sold in USA, European Markets, South and West African Selected countries.

The Embraer 120ER will be operating on Daily "Dar-Arusha-Zanzibar" Route and will do Double Daily on "Dar-Zanzibar-Pemba" route, plus any required ad-hoc group charters.


For more information please contact : dar–| +255 782 35 44 48/49/50