Campi Ya Kanzi’s 3 R’s!

2013 has been a big year for us. Let’s start with REJUVENATION…We have a new massage therapist on staff, as well as offer Transcendental Meditation.


Then came RENOVATION. We have redone the interiors of Tembo House, (the main house), renovated Kanzi House, (the private villa that sleeps 10), and done even more for the environment. We have installed a new state of the art hot water solar system, which works with just UV light, and have doubled our rain harvesting and storing capacity. Rains now provide for our entire water needs. We have renewed the interiors of all our cars and in the next 12 months we will redo all tents -  enlarging them, changing the interiors, the lighting, the décor and the bathrooms.


And the last ‘R’ – RIDING of course! We just purchased our fourth horse – so the riding is better than ever.


And as for the “traditional 3 R’s” of Reading, Writing and Arithmatic – we have that too, in any one of the 20 schools we have set up on the group ranch –


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