African Safaris during the green season

Sometimes referred to as the ‘emerald season’ because of the abundance of bright green flora after the long dry months, in southern African countries like Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, summer (the rainy period) runs from mid November through to April. And while you’re likely to get short sharp showers and dramatic thunderstorms, it rarely rains all day, and there’s still a wealth of sunshine.  

There are a number of reasons why die-hard safari enthusiasts love to visit during this period; baby animals are born and the landscape is arguably at its most beautiful, bursting in a kaleidoscope of colour, flora and fauna. As a further boon, safari camp prices are much more competitive with seasonal offers and it’s also considerably less crowded time in terms of human footfall, so your interaction with the environment and wildlife feels so much more personal.

Predatory animals are more active during these months, taking advantage of their prey’s accessible new-borns; while the latter provide some magical, comical moments for you and your camera as they take their first tottering steps. Mornings are the best time to explore, before the day heats up and becomes less comfortable; the light is also sharper, the contrast between rich blue skies and the tapestry of greens wonderfully photogenic. This is also a superb time for spotting migratory birds such as the superbly named Lillian’s Lovebird and the colourful Fire-crowned Bishop.Photo credit Johan Elzenga

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