Crocodile Cage Diving

Diving with sharks may be all the rage but there is a new predator wanting to get up close and (not too) personal under water. Step forward crocodile cage diving, the latest adrenaline inducing activity to hit the shores of South Africa.

In Oudtshoorn, South Africa, you can now observe the mammoth Nile Crocodiles underwater, giving you a unique opportunity to see the world’s second biggest reptile in its natural habitat. Common across Africa the Nile Crocodiles can reach up to 20 feet in length and spend 2 hours at a time underwater, they are social animals which hang around in groups so you definitely won’t miss them.

If all this sounds terrifying, fear not, to take part in this heart pumping adventure you are lowered down into their world in a specially built (very strong) steel cage, safely out of harm’s way but in the perfect position to witness these carnivorous beasts.

Once underwater you will have a chance to watch these awesome creatures, as they swim around you. Inspect their huge mouths which are filled with up to 68 cone-shaped teeth, and a jaw which creates 5,000lbf (22kN) in bite pressure. And be even more grateful for the steel cage between you.

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