New Wayo Green Camps in stunning locations, great activities, remote yet small and stylish.

We are happy to announce that our Green Camps in Lake Manyara National Park and Serengeti National Park are now open.

Here are a few details:

New to Tanzanian safaris these Green Camps consist of large comfortable and alternative looking bell tents with attached bathrooms.

Every group will have their own private dining area and camp staff. Meals are all home cooked three-course meals.

As the name indicates these camps were designed with low impact in mind. The camps are running on low energy appliances, are designed to operate with minimal staff and leaving a very small footprint. It will be hard to find a more environmentally friendly option.

As expected with anything to do with Wayo Africa these camps come with a large variety of fun activities to get guests out of vehicles and excellent guiding available from camps.