Refurbished Tuli Safari Lodge to reopen in its 50th anniversary year

Tuli Safari Lodge celebrates its 50thanniversary in 2014, making it one of Africa’s longest established photographic safari lodges. Following the damage sustained in the devastating floods in January, a major refurbishment project was put into action to ready the ‘grande dame’ for the future.

The aim of the project is to retain what everyone loved about the lodge - its charming, relaxed and authentic ambience and strong historical elements - whilst rectifying the differing size and standard of rooms.

“We are very excited about the improvements being made at Tuli, which will complement the legendary Tuli hospitality to enhance the experience for guests and position the lodge well for the future,” said Stephen Lansdown, Chairman of Tuli Safari Lodge (Pty) Ltd. “Tuli is a hidden gem which warrants greater recognition as a fantastic safari destination.”

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