Looking back on PURE 2013's cherished moments.

There is a withdrawal syndrome sweeping the globe; but not, as you would expect, in the absence of the holiday season (Happy New Year, by the way). It may be January, but self-proclaimed PUREists all over the globe are still mourning the end of another PURE Life Experiences. The 5th Edition in November last year was quite possibly the best yet – as Sean Clark of Orient Express aptly noted, “the only competitor PURE has is its own previous year’s performance”.

So for those of you who still spend each night clutching your PURE badge and weeping into a well-thumbed copy of The List, we’ve put together some highlights for you to reminisce over. For those of you who didn’t attend PURE 2013, here’s what you missed out on… (Don’t worry, it’s only 287 days until PURE 2014!)

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