Steppes Travel "Before they Pass" - An evening with acclaimed photographer Jimmy Nelson

Date: 4 February 2014 | 7pm (doors open 6.45pm)
Location: Royal Geographical Society, London SW7 2AR

Acclaimed photographer Jimmy Nelson discusses the fragility and beauty of shrinking communities around the world; his inspiration for his new book "Before They Pass Away". 

As passionate as ever to document the last of the unspoilt tribes, Nelson celebrates the very essence of their being; be it their traditional dresses, jewellery, weapons, or body paintings. Whether it is in the mountains, ice fields, the jungle or in the valleys, he is ever the explorer keen to uncover and capture the hidden truth of a threatened tribes people and culture. 

His work is not merely about the aesthetical appeal. It is a plea to open our hearts and minds to the delicate nature of indigenous people. Respecting their habitats, recording their pride and helping to pass on their traditions to generations to come, recognising them as part of our collective history; to simply not forget them.