UK tour operators on Ethiopia FAM trip

Ten top UK tour operators travelled to Ethiopia for the first time in March hosted by Kibran Tours.

On the 9-day itinerary the operators explored the northern highlands, Addis Ababa, Lake Tana, the castles of Gondar, the monuments of the Axumite Empire and the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, then flew on a private charter over the Rift Valley lakes south of Addis to the Bale Mountains.

At a reception back in Addis the operators networked with tourism promotional staff, including representatives from the Ministry of Culture & Tourism, the newly formed Ethiopian Tourism Organisation, Ethiopian Airlines, hotel and lodge managers, private air charter operators and others keen to meet them.

The operators were impressed with Ethiopia and said the highlights of the tour included the boat trip to the Island Monasteries on Lake Tana, the serenity of Kuriftu Resort & Spa, Gondar’s Debre Berhan church, the Four Sisters Restaurant, having an archaeologist explain the wonders of Axum, the views and the stargazing from the roof of Mountain View Hotel, the truly magnificent Lalibela churches, the Sanetti Plateau in the Bale Mountains and meeting so many friendly and hospitable people!

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