Great Plains Conservation supporting Zeros for Rhinos

The Great Plains Foundation, an African conservation company that operates upscale tourist camps in Botswana and Kenya, will for a limited time donate 100% of customer payments for stays at selected camps to help fund a program to remove rhinos from poaching hot zones.

Supporting the effort, Extraordinary Journeys, a New York-based Africa specialist, built a 10-day Botswana Safari package around the rhino rescue effort. It is also donating its commissions on any customer bookings for Botswana Safari or any other trip that falls within the project's parameters.

The rescue operation, called Zeros for Rhinos, plans to relocate 100 animals from South Africa and Zimbabwe to the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Ordinarily, according to Great Plains CEO Dereck Joubert, the foundation splits the proceeds of its operation, devoting one-third to the purchase and protection of lands abutting national parks, one-third to community projects and one-third to wildlife projects. Great Plains puts any and all of its revenue back into the company, communities or conservation.

However, Great Plains said it would make the special donations to Zeros for Rhinos when clients spend at least four nights at any of three Botswana camps between Nov. 1 and May 31, 2015. The three camps are Selinda Camp, Selinda Explorers Camp and Zarafa Camp.