Just a Drop can go a long way…

Water-related diseases like cholera, diarrhoea and dysentery kill 4,000 children under five every single day. That’s one every 20 seconds. The international water aid charity, Just a Drop, is working to prevent this daily tragedy, but they need your support.

Today, Just a Drop is launching its

20 Seconds Lifesaver Appeal.

Can you spare £5 to help save the life of a child like Gertrude?

Imagine a water hole near a dirt road in rural Africa, where people wash their greasy motorbikes. The animals have already drunk their fill, and now a 10 year old girl, Gertrude Namakon, fills a 20 litre jerry can with this same water, teeming with infectious bacteria. Meanwhile vital learning continues in school. All of Gertrude’s youthful energy is channelled into bringing home this filthy water, which will inevitably infect her and her younger siblings with bouts of diarrhoea – that could lead to their death.    

In fact, in the time it has taken you to read to read this email, another child has died from a water-related disease.

Make a difference in the next 20 seconds

You could save a child’s life in the next 20 seconds. By giving just £5 to Just a Drop you could help the charity provide lifesaving clean water to a child who is at risk of dying from diseases carried by dirty water.

Please click here to donate or text DROP20 £5 to 70070. Be a #20SecondsLifesaver