Uganda’s German connection

Over the last 6 months Marasa Africa in combination with Premier Safaris has implemented a targeted destination marketing and PR strategy to highlight Uganda as one of the Prime Safari destinations within East Africa. Premier Safaris and Marasa Africa combined their efforts and received support from the KPRN Network (Germany’s largest destination marketing firm) to launch and implement a strategic alliance with German PR and media as part of a larger integrated plan to highlight the country and its numerous activities in an effort to communicate that Uganda isn’t just the prime primate destination of Africa but also a birders dream supported by numerous water safaris and adventure activities such as water rafting on the Nile.

Ethiopian Airlines sponsored numerous flights for journalists to visit the country as part of their partnership with the KPRN network to enable 4 groups of selected media to visit different areas of Uganda as part of the initiative. On Monday evening the final group of journalists met with the Uganda Tourism board and national media to give their feedback in order to form a new strategic alliance with Germany, Austria and Switzerland to move Uganda forward in its tourism revitalization.

Over the last two years the strategy was formulated by Corne Schalkwyk of Marasa Africa and Hanna Kleber the owner of KPRN and her team as part of arranged meetings with stakeholders at the Atta stands during ITB and Indaba. This initiative will hopefully help restore Uganda to its original place in the pecking order as we are reminded of its hay day in the 1950’s and 60’s when it was one of the original Safari destinations of Africa. 

The photo was taken during a visit to the Kazinga fishing village visit – Its part of Marasa Africa’s family friendly community interactions. Guest from the lodge contributes $1 for every night that is used to build schools and infrastructure for the village within the national park. Visitors meet and learn from the people living with animal human conflict as part of sustainable tourism initiatives with Premier Safaris.