Update on Karen Blixen Camp Refurbishment


Karen Blixen Camp embarked on a rigorous exercise of refurbishing the Camp in many areas of Operations. This is in line with the Company’s policy to always refresh and give the best to our supporting Agents and Guests. Last year we closed the Camp for the months of April and May and this year we closed during the month of May to complete on the projects.

Agents and their guests will notice remarkable improvements in the below areas

Water System

The Camp water supply system was re-piped a fresh so as to improve on the water pressure to our Tents and other facilities in need of constant supply of water


Our Kitchen has been given a new look both in terms of new equipment as well as staffing. Modern cooking ware has been installed and a new Chef also supported by his Danish deputy is now in place to put your preferred cuisine on table.

Accommodation Tents

We changed the faces of some of the Tents which appeared a bit old and stained, more lighting installed in the dressing mirror, floors Varnished, general Interior in general improved with focus on the Karen Blixen theme in the Out of Africa….

Bar, Guest Lounge and Restaurant area

Fresh lighting, new sofa cushions and covers, new Restaurant seat Cushions and covers done, wooden floors varnished .Generally the Main area looks fresh and also design themed to the Karen Blixen out Africa of early 1900.

Massage and Swimming Pool-Spa

The Message Tent was relocated from the old location to very close to the Swimming pool. Both of them are recreational Facilities and from previous feedback clients would want to combine and this is only more easier if the two facilities are located in the same area. We changed all the old pool equipment installed new ones so that we can guarantee our clients a clean sparkling blue pool.

Solar system

From last year we embarked on a total overhaul of our solar system. KBC being an eco-camp, it was essential to re-invest in solar power and ensure almost all our operations are run on renewable energy. This was finished May this year and both solar heating and lighting of the Camp remains very stable

Our Open Safari Cruisers

All our Safari Cruisers have been refurbished with reinforced welding, new fresh paints, new seat covers and side canvas. We have also acquired two new ones and they should be ready for game drives by Mid-July

Access Road

Our access Road from the turn off of the Government Road Lemek-Aitong-Mara Rianta Road has been graded and murram compacted. I can call it the best access Road to any facility in Mara. We hope this goes along away to assist the guests arriving by Road to our Camp

Direction Sign Boards

We have placed new signboards showing the direction and distances to be covered all the way from the turn off of Narok –Mulot –Bomet Road. This also eases access for the Guests arriving our Camp by Road

WiFi Gazebo House

Before our Clients will crowd near the office to connect to Wifi. We have now constructed a small hut where our guests will seat and do their emails. We realized that we also receive quite a lot of business men who would like to keep some level of contact with their businesses, hence the need for the Wifi House. Note our Wifi is free

Conference Tent

We have constructed a Conference tent only for our Resident guests. The Capacity is designed to fit the Number of a full house which is 44 persons. It can fit a maximum of 50 Participants.

Images and rates for the usage of the conference tent will follow very soon

We will be doing a very intensive photography this June and we hope we will capture nice pictures which will be send to you for your marketing purposes.

Kind regards,

Ronald Mutie, Managing Director