Africa Geographic online magazine

On Friday 4 July 2014 Africa Geographic announced the launch of its online magazine. It’s weekly and it’s free.

The premium online magazine offers readers an insider view into the best travel, wildlife and culture stories across Africa. We have always emphasized photographic excellence and now we will set the bar even higher, and add video to the equation. Expect compatibility across all screen sizes and internet-enabled devices and a complete immersion in social media, with resultant conversations and share-ability with friends and networks. Each weekly issue will focus on one key subject, making for a brief and enjoyable reading and sharing experience. The online magazine replaces the printed magazine, discontinued in 2013.

Our audience

Our existing online community consists of >874,000 people with a geographic profile of 35% USA, 32% Europe/UK, 18% South African and 15% the rest.

We have a very large content distribution network, primarily via our newsletters and active social media audience (currently >650,000 and increasing by >1,000 per day) – who engage 24/7 and share our content via their own social networks.

This is why our blog readership has grown so rapidly during the past year (now exceeding 350,000 pageviews and 200,000 uniques every month), and why we expect the readership of our online magazine to do the same.

Why weekly?

The modern day reader and traveller is now highly mobile and gathers information and interacts with others on an ongoing basis. Not only do they have less time or focus for lengthy reads, but also their social media feeds keep them busy, meaning that a monthly or quarterly magazine falls into the cracks and drops off the personal radar. The solution is to deliver regular small doses of content.

Mobile devices now rule

The mobile portion of our audience has grown from 17% to 52% (phone 37% and tablet 15%) in less than 2 years. The remaining 48% view our content via desktop computers. This rise to rule of mobile mirrors the trend in travel research and buying habits worldwide.


We offer our advertising partners a powerful combination of tools and platforms to reach and engage with our international audience of travellers. Advertising partners can expect a high degree of agility to fit in with their requirements and a strong commitment to deliverables. We offer affordable advertising packages to fit most budgets, and to compliment our successful content marketing program for the travel trade:

View the first issue here:

Contact details

Editor: Anton Crone: , +27 (72) 738 7925

CEO and advertising contact: Simon Espley: (82) 577 3253