Giraffe Conservation Foundation to be hosted by Marasa Africa

Marasa Africa lodges in Uganda as part of their ongoing conservation initiatives, will once again be hosting the dynamic team from the Giraffe Conservation Foundation on their return visit to Murchison Falls National park in July as part of an on-going project to protect the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe in Murchison falls national park in Uganda.

From the research team: Packing bags again for our next adventure to Uganda to introduce the new PhD student Michael Brown and Prof. Doug Bolger to Murchison Falls NP, and start assessing translocation possibilities of giraffe into Lake Mburo NP for UWA. We will also be joined by Tom & Kathy Leiden and Andi Kornak from Cleveland Metroparks - both valuable supporters of the programme.

Project Overview

Rothschild’s giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi is one of the most endangered (sub)species of giraffe, and of any species, on the planet. In 2010, with less than 670 individuals remaining in the wild, and likely only 250 in their native range (Murchison Falls National Park), the Rothschild’s giraffe was listed as ‘endangered’ by the IUCN Red List, based on research undertaken by GCF. Recent surveys by the Ugandan Wildlife Authority indicate that Rothschild’s giraffe in Murchison Falls National Park number around 750 individuals, however, greater field work is required to confirm this – one of the key aims of this research programme.

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