Hoopoe Safaris Mountaineering Age Limits


There was some media recently regarding the youngest girl to summit Kilimanjaro being just 9 years old.

It is our knowledge that Kilimanjaro limits Children under 10 from ascending above 3000 meters but we, as a Hoopoe rule, won’t take children under 12. Children and young people appear to be more susceptible to acute mountain sickness. We prefer to only take children over 14 years old, but slightly younger children can be considered if longer trips are selected for slower ascents and better acclimatization.

We do not have an upper age limit on people attempting Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru or Mt Kenya. The key thing is that the guest should be in good health and fit – the same applies to all people attempting any rigorous exercise.

Many people suggest that older people do much better than their younger counterparts and we can certainly bear this out! Reasons for this have not been scientifically evaluated (at least not by us – yet) but perhaps the advice they receive to take it easy and enjoy the trip pays dividends later on!