In light of last week's World Lion Day, Campi ya Kanzi & the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust team up to help their plight.

Atta #World Lion Day

As we are all unfortunately aware, the global lion population is decreasing rapidly, not only continent wide, but in Kenya most specifically. It very clear, to Campi ya Kanzi, that something needs to be done.

Campi ya Kanzi partnered together with the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (sole beneficiary of Campi ya Kanzi’s nightly $100 conservation fees) are finding dedicated ways to contribute to a holistic strategy in addressing these increasing threats to such a vulnerable and crucial keystone species.

Specific increasing pressures are growing on the lion population, particularly on community owned Maasai land, the case for the lions of Kuku Group Ranch in southern Kenya, where MWCT is operating its’ efforts. As the human population grows worldwide and in Kenya, lions are threatened by habitat fragmentation from human development; lack of a natural prey base on this particular community land; and direct prosecution – such as the traditional ritual of lion hunting in Maasai warrior culture.

Campi ya Kanzi and MWCT are holistically approaching these above threats through various means. By protecting vital habitats through the creation of conservancies (Campi ya Kanzi is located in entirely its own conservancy), combating issues like poaching with strategic anti-poaching teams and patrols, hiring and positioning wildlife monitors across the Group Ranch (particularly young Maasai moran Simba Scouts acting to keep an eye on the lions), providing environmental educational outreaches to communities, as well as pioneering a wildlife compensation program to combat retaliation of predation on traditional livestock, named Wildlife Pays.

MWCT and Campi ya Kanzi are proud to say that these above strategies have continued to incentivize the Kuku Group Ranch community to appreciate wilderness with thriving wildlife as a resource to them. The lion population on the group ranch is a very healthy 38! We have collared 5 lion on the group ranch, allowing us to actively protect and monitor their activities. Lets work together to save the world's favourite cat.