Namibia and the Ebola Scenario

Given the current Ebola crisis threatening Conservation Travel to Africa, especially Southern and East Africa, we at Ultimate Safaris have prepared a fact sheet and more information on NAMIBIA AND THE EBOLA SCENARIO. We are hoping that this document can assist the trade with enlightening potential travelers to Namibia on the real facts regarding travel to Namibia currently, which is complete Ebola free, always has been, and continues to be so. In addition to this prepared document, Ultimate Safaris has also worked together with their suppliers in Namibia to provide supporting booking conditions in these uncertain times.

Namibia should be on the bucket list of any intrepid world traveller, who shouldn’t be deterred by the fear mongering of international media. Detailed info can be found on below link, as well as more info on our revised cancellation policy.

Ultimate Safaris is a Namibian ecotourism safari company, dedicated to the protection, conservation and sustainability of the areas in which we operate in. Our superlative team of specialists works to create artfully crafted itineraries and meticulously organized safaris. These are delivered with professionalism and enthusiasm to our international trade partners who are assured of personal attention and full consideration of their every need.

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