Restructuring at Hartley’s Safaris

Hartley’s regularly evaluates the way it conducts business in to keep up with changes and provide the best, most streamlined service to our clients.  Accordingly, because of vastly improved communication technology, we feel able to consolidate our operations.

From January, UK contact details will remain the same; but may be answered in either our South African or UK office.  Karen Wing and Sue Bingley, who have been with Hartley’s UK for 14 years, will be leaving in January, but for now they remain treasured and respected Hartley’s friends and colleagues, and available to UK clients for consultation on holiday plans during this transition phase and on an ad-hoc basis in the foreseeable future.

Hartley’s experienced specialist safari team in South Africa will attend to all enquiries from January 2015, and put both clients and suppliers in touch with a UK representative where this need is indicated.

We trust our long standing relationships will enable a smooth transition and confident streamlining of the operational amalgamation.

Should suppliers have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Jann Kingsley direct via