Rhulani Safari Lodge plays a part in growing Madikwe's cheetah population

The dream of getting females cheetahs in Madikwe will become a reality. Rhulani is sponsoring a substantial amount towards this project

For a more than a year, cheetahs can yet again be seen in Madikwe. With a bit of luck, one can encounter on a safari either the four brothers who constantly roam together through the area, and with a lot of luck, you might find the fifth, who is a solo traveller.

After long negotiations, Madikwe’s Park Administration managed to acquire two cheetah females. At Rhulani we have decided to contribute with a substantial amount towards this meaningful Conservation Project and thus to take over the sponsorship for one of the Cheetah females.

The probability that the two newcomers will feel welcome in Madikwe and might even spoil us with cubs is relatively large. There is no blood relationship with the five males, and as they come from another Big 5 reserve, the cheetah females are fully aware of the danger from other big cats. Thus, the chances of survival are high.

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