Ultimate Safaris, via Tou Trust, supports Save The Rhino Trust Namibia

Ultimate Safaris is a Namibian ecotourism safari company, dedicated to the protection, conservation and sustainability of the areas in which we operate.   We believe that having registered a legal foundation, the Tou Trust, where 100% of funds raised are invested in approved projects we have set a benchmark for sincere, ethical and transparent socially responsible investment.  One of these projects that Ultimate Safaris and the Tou Trust support to the fullest is the Save the Rhino Trust Namibia (http://www.savetherhinotrust.org/).  Read the latest statement from Simson Uri-Khob, CEO of the Save the Rhino Trust Namibia, regarding the plight of our valued rhinos in Namibia and the dedicated communities tasked with their protection.

Save The Rhino Namibia responds tor rhino poaching crisis

No trip to Namibia would therefore be complete without participating in oneof the 11 life enriching experiences, tracking for the endangered black rhino.

11 life-enriching-experiences in Namibia with Ultimate Safaris

Culturally and environmentally responsible tourism can be a powerful force for conservation and community development. Collaboration between the public and private sectors, conservation NGOs, government and the tourism industry and creating partnerships between local communities is proving to be an effective way of enhancing this development.   Through our projects at the Tou Trust, Ultimate Safaris enhances the personal travel experiences of our guests through learning, sharing and making a contribution, and this can be the inspirational purpose that guides those guests when exploring the rest of the world. Our trips are sensitively designed to include projects with which we are involved, encouraging guest participation in environmentally responsible travel. By assisting local communities and demonstrating a concern for the value we place on ecological and cultural preservation, conservation travel can become an instrument of sustainable development.