A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Organic versus paid search

TIP: The best marketing campaigns have a mix of organic and paid search elements and knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each will help you make the most of your marketing spend.


Further Information about this Week's Online Marketing Tip:

Organic versus paid search:

Organic advantages:

1. Good organic content remains out there for a long time – its “ever-green”

2. Organic content can foster a high level of trust and credibility

3. Organic content generates SEO ranking that benefits future content.

Organic disadvantages:

1. It takes a long time and deep resources to generate regular organic content that ranks highly

2. Good SEO ranking can take a long time to achieve, even with good content – especially for the popular keywords.

Paid advantages:

1. Paid campaigns can achieve top rankings as soon as they are launched

2. Paid campaigns benefit from tools that enable targeted marketing.

Paid disadvantages:

1. Paid campaigns can be prohibitively costly – especially for the more popular keywords – and if you hire in suitable experts (which will reduce wastage)

2. No longevity – the adverts disappear as soon as your campaign is over

3. Adverts often suffer from a low level of trust.


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