Babies, babies and more babies in the Mara, Kenya

Our lovely manager Rosh reporting from Alex Walker's Serian in the Maasai Mara - Kim Read (one of Serian's wonderful repeat clients) headed out for an evening game drive. Her guides, William and Onyango, were lucky enough to spot a giraffe with two little hoofs sticking out. The mum was very relaxed and was even seen munching whilst waiting for the baby to arrive. Kim was lucky to watch the whole birth and even commented on how amazing it was to see how the baby's head was next to pop out after the front hoofs so that it could swivel around when it dropped to the ground. They sat and watched the mother cleaning the baby up, watched the little one stagger to it's feet until it was strong enough to stand by itself. She saw the little one a couple of days later and is happy to say it is strong and healthy.
Anyone would think that was quite enough for a safari experience and a half but no there was a lot more to come... The following day they were out and about whizzing along to find the leopard when Kim spotted a wildebeest lying down with the herd around her, but looking a bit strange. As they went closer to investigate discovered she too was giving birth! The wildebeest birth was a lot quicker than the giraffe. It took about 20 minutes until the little one was up and standing. 
January and February is baby season and they are popping up all over the Mara so how about a last minuteValentine's day safari special trip.