Ele Bed Name

What’s in a name:

The site at which ELEPHANT BEDROOM CAMP (part of the ATUA ENKOP PORTFOLIO) stands, has long been known as a sleeping place for elephants. And to prove the point one of the resident elephants Samburu (Sam in short) turned up at the camp at 5.00am. He seemed to be quite tired, as if he’d been on the move for a long time.  Without hesitation he headed to the back of  tent number 5 and lay down and went to sleep. However the sun was a little hot for him so he got up and moved to a shaded area behind tent number 6 lay down and in a few minutes he was snoring fast asleep, much to the disbelief and amusement of guests and staff. After a one hour ‘power nap’, he got up and started wondering around the camp as usual, obviously refreshed.

Elephants don’t often sleep due to their need to feed for long hours to attain the average food requirement of 200-250 kilos a day and they normally sleep standing or leaning on trees during the day, for short naps. At night they lie down to sleep properly for between 2 to 3 hours. A number of bulls that are resident within the Elephant Bedroom Camp area often sleep lying down between the tents at night. This shows how safe they feel here in the camp. Hence the name of this very popular camp in Samburu.