Robin Pope Guides in Liuwa Plains National Park

For those who have supported Robin Pope Guided Trips to Liuwa in the past,  we are delighted to advise that Robin will once again be guiding 3 exclusive safaris in Liuwa this year. Using Norman Carr run Matamanene Camp as a base, these trips promise to be as special as ever. Robin has been guiding on the remote Liuwa Plains in the Western Province of Zambia since 1992. He loves the area and cannot stay away! Liuwa is unqiue - open grassy plains, 2nd largest wildebeest movement in Africa, flocks of migratory birds passing through during the peak months of May/June and November/December, huge hyena clans (largest Robin has seen was 38) as they are the apex predator in the area, carpets of flowers across the plains and wonderful water lilies in May/June. Liuwa hosts the largest wattled crane population in the world (approx 2000 pairs) along with a healthy crowned crane population. The horizons go on forever and the sunsets are over 180 degrees. If you want to go join him on safari his dates are:
14th – 19th May 2015
15th – 20th November 2015
23rd – 28th November 2015