Reduced frequencies to Dar es Salaam. Re-booking Policy

This is to inform you due to on-going restrictions imposed by the Tanzanian Government, Kenya Airways will continue to operate a reduced schedule to DAR as per below between 23rd – 29th March 2015 inclusive.

Passengers holding tickets which have been issued on or before 18th March 2015 for travel between 19th – 29th March 2015, to and from DAR, have the following options:


1. Re-booking is permitted on KLM flights to DAR via AMS - please ensure they are re-booked within the same cabin / season and class as shown on the ticket.
2. Re-booking on alternative dates on KQ/KLM within the same cabin / season and same class.
3. Re-booking is permitted to alternative destinations (on KQ only) in Tanzania i.e. ZNZ/JRO for travel within the same cabin / season and class. Please note there will be no additional cost if passengers opt for these two destinations provided that they are booked in the same cabin/season and class.
4. All rebooking and re-issues must be completed by close of business on 29th March 2015

5. Please ensure that you insert the following message in the ENDO box when you re-issue the tickets “RKBD DUE DAR FREQ REDUCTION”.
6. All penalties and change fee be waived provided the above message appears on the ticket.

Change routing/destination:

1. Passengers may use the full value of their existing tickets towards the purchase of new tickets at the same or a higher KQ fare. If the fare is higher, difference in fare and taxes will be collected. If the fare is lower for the chosen destination, there will be no refund for difference in fare. Please note applicable taxes will be collected. Re-booking and reissue must be completed by close of business on 29th March 2014.

Cancellations & Refunds:

1. A full refund is permitted on an unused ticket.
2. For partially used tickets, refund will be calculated by deducting 50% of the fare.
3. Please ensure that the following message appears in the remarks column of the BSP application form – “FULL or PART RFND DUE DAR FREQ. REDUCTION” and apply through BSP link.
4. Any applicable cancellation penalty will be waived provided the above message appears on the application.
The above options are available for tickets issued on 706 documents and on KQ operated flights only.