A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: 6 tips on how to moderate your social media communities

TIP: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and TripAdvisor have introduced enormous content marketing opportunities. But they have also shifted the power of brand management to the consumer – sometimes to your detriment. Small issues can escalate and get out of control very quickly if you do not actively manage and moderate.

Here are our 6 tips for better social media community management. :

1. Always reply to questions and criticism aimed at your business.

2. Always be courteous, regardless of the level of antagonism. Polite but firm is good whereas sarcastic or spiteful is not good.

3. Admit your mistakes, apologise and explain what you have done to prevent a re-occurrence.

4. Feature a 'Rules of Engagement' on your website and remind your community about them frequently. Here are ours.

5. Realise that you will be targeted now and then by trolls and other undesirable folk – and don’t hesitate to ban them from your platform if they break the rules (counter opinions and criticism alone do not warrant banning whereas profanities, threats and any form of discrimination do).

6. Don’t outsource this vital function to an agency or automated process. This is a 24/7 process and unattended platforms can result in dire consequences.

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