TripAdvisor's Apple Watch app lets users see recommendations at a glance

An Apple Watch app has been created to provide access to TripAdvisor's traveller reviews, ratings and photos of hotels, restaurants and attractions.

The Apple Watch includes a new feature called ‘Glances’ which allows users to get updates from their favourite apps with a quick swipe up from the watch face.

The TripAdvisor Glance provides recommendations to help users discover nearby points of interest based on the person’s location with the use of GPS and time of day.

For example, TripAdvisor Glance will automatically find the highest-rated restaurant near the user’s location at midday and suggest the place to go for lunch.

Other TripAdvisor Apple Watch app features:

• Walking directions: Uses GPS technology to show travellers their current location and provide directions to places of interest using Apple Maps.

• Saves: Allows travellers to save their favourite restaurants, attractions and hotels, to be viewed later on another Apple device or the TripAdvisor website.

• Search options: Lets travellers adjust their search range for points of interest between one and 10 miles, and sort options, such as ranking businesses by popularity or distance.

The app will be available from the Apple Watch App Store from April 24.

Adam Medros, global product senior vice president, said: “With the launch of the TripAdvisor Apple Watch app, users can now carry the invaluable insights of millions of travellers on their wrists.

“Whether around town or travelling somewhere new, the app helps make exploring on-the-go even more elegant and effortless.”

He added: “TripAdvisor is already the world’s most popular travel app with 175 million mobile app downloads worldwide on the phone and tablet, and we look forward to extending our timely travel insights to even more people through the Apple Watch.”