SATSA / Tourism Tattler Assists Africa Tourism

To assist the African travel trade and Atta members specifically in gaining exposure to potential buyers of their destinations’ tourism and hospitality products and services, SATSA (Southern Africa Tourism Services Association) and Tourism Tattler have launched a ‘6FOR1 Promo’ to offer suppliers a combined reach in excess of 88 000* across six communication portals over sustained durations.

THE ‘6FOR1 Promo’ provides promotional rates that have been massively discounted for bookings received during June & July 2015.

These massive savings are being offered for a limited period as an incentive to travel trade marketers who need to extend their advertising budgets and campaign reach.

“The promo tag ‘6-4-1’ might sound like a lotto game, but the odds of winning are a lot better” says Des Langkilde, SATSA Vice President and publisher of the Tourism Tattler. “The SATSA website gets a lot of visitors from key inbound markets looking for trade partners in southern Africa, while Tattler gets more from Africa and BRIC countries, so  what we’ve done is included a banner ad on the SATSA website to create a sixth communication platform to compliment the Tattler’s platforms - all bundled into two affordable packages.”

Two package options have been structured to suit both small and large company budgets, with duration options of 3, 6 or 12 consecutive months.

To view the promotional package specials with sample links and values, click HERE.

*The combined reach of all six portals is shown in the linked document.