A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: How to use hashtags effectively

TIP: Hashtags in social media are a great way to empower people to search for your content, and to create focus on key words. Done correctly they are great tools, but hashtag misuse will kill your campaign. 

Further information about hashtag use:

While excessive hashtaging on instagram is an effective strategy, the same cannot be said for Facebook. Imagine “#safari, #lions, #gamedrive, #bliss, #sunset, #bestdayofmylife on Instagram (effective) – and then on Facebook (annoying, spammy). Hashtags on Facebook should be used sparingly, and mainly to keep up with current events (think: #CapeFire). Twitter calls for more frequently used hashtags for certain social circles on certain days or to celebrate certain things - think #TravelTuesday, #FunnyFriday. Google + on the other hand uses hashtags to better rank posts in social media, so these should be SEO-based and relate to what people are searching for – think #rhinopoaching #wildlifecrime. That is why it is so important that your posts are tailored correctly for each social media channel and are not simply duplicated across all platforms.

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