Giraffes return to Uganda's Mburo after 50 years

Fifteen giraffes have found a new home with abundant food in the Lake Mburo National Park on Wednesday 1 July. The girafffes have been translocated from the Murchison Falls National Park in the northwest Uganda to Mburo south of the equator. A total of 15 giraffes will be moved to Lake Mburo NP.

“Introducing the giraffes in Lake Mburo will help diversify wildlife and consequently, attract tourists,” said Dr. Andrew Seguya the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) executive director,

The world’s tallest animals took an overnight journey of 700km journey from northwestern Uganda to the southwest. The first batch to make the overnight journey had two bulls and six females. The convoy went through Masindi, Kampala, Masaka, Lyatonde and finally Sanga. Here the locals, the majority of whom had never seen giraffes, were waiting to receive the animals.

The translocation of the Rothschild's giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi) is part of UWA’s objective to diversify wildlife species and boost tourism in Lake Mburo National Park

The initiative is also aimed at controlling the population of giraffes in Murchison Falls National Park and move to different areas where they can feed and breed freely. Murchison falls park has 900 giraffes.

Dr. Seguya says the country’s smallest national park has been without giraffe species since it was gazetted. Giraffe species at the park, he said, became extinct about 50 years ago.

This is not the first time for giraffes to be translocated to a park in Uganda. In 2007, 15 giraffes were shifted from Nakuru in Kenya to Kidepo National Park. This population has since grown to 100.

Murchison National Park has the largest number of giraffes at a population of 900. Mburo is now Uganda’s third park with giraffes.