Nkwichi's new speedy transfer boat

Nkwichi is proud to introduce Mpasa, their new and superfast Boston Whaler transfer vessel! With this newest addition to their fleet, the transfer from Likoma Airstrip to Nkwichi Lodge can now be done within the hour. With sun cover, comfortable benches and seating, it takes 4-6 passengers at a time. 
“Guests can now be transferred across the lake to Nkwichi in around 30 minutes, lake conditions permitting”, says Nkwichi General Manager, Rueben Goddard.
Guests can reach Nkwichi Lodge either through Malawi, which is the most popular route. An easy light air transfer from Lilongwe, brings you to the enchanting Likoma island, where you are met and transferred across the lake. Alternatively you can arrive through the international airport in Lichinga, on the Mozambique side, have a scenic road transfer through the Great Rift Valley, to the sleepy lakeshore village of Cobue, where you are met and transferred on one of our fleet to the lodge.
Lake Malawi (or Niassa on the Mozambique side), is the third largest and second deepest lake in Africa, and is home to more other species of fish than any other lake. Nkwichi lodge is nestled just behind, what is arguably the best beach on the lake, amongst the forest hills on the forgotten side of the lake, and the only access to the lodge is by boat across the majestic lake.
Mpasa now completes Nkwichi’s fleet of 3 vessels, which include the Miss Nkwichi dhow and Yellow Fin dhow, providing a superb array of motorized transport across the lake and in the lakewaters around the lodge.
About Nkwichi Lodge
A halcyon paradise hidden in the ancient mountains of Lake Niassa, lies a place so secret it’s been forgotten in the mists of time … Nkwichi Lodge is located in the north-western corner of Mozambique, on the eastern side of Lake Malawi (or Lake Niassa as it is called on the Mozambican side). Nkwichi offers a touch of Robinson Crusoe. The chalets are hand-built and sculptured from primordial boulders, with rock-pool outdoor baths, tree-hanging showers, and hand-crafted, natural furniture! Explore the Wilderness on foot, in snorkel gear or by dug-out canoe. You will see the difference Manda is making – and by staying at Nkwichi, you will be part of it. Nkwichi has been recognized as a pioneering eco-tourism establishment and has been awarded many accolades, including the most recent silver Africa Responsible Tourism Award in the category “Best in engaging people and culture”.
Nkwichi Lodge is a proud member of The Mozambique Collection