The Killing of a Wildlife Icon - Beks Ndlovu speaks out following the death of Cecil

PRESS RELEASE - Beks Ndlovu talks in his personal capacity on the killing of Cecil - a wildlife icon

Following the recent killing by hunters of the well-known lion, Cecil, just outside the boundary of Hwange National Park, we can confirm that this is now under the full investigation of Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority and the Industry at large. A meeting has been called for all stakeholders including the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association, Safari Operators Association Zimbabwe and National Parks to discuss the incident and find a resolution. 

The Tourism Operators in Hwange National Park, as well as the majority of the Zimbabwean population, are extremely passionate about the wildlife that we have worked hard to protect and continue to do so to ensure the long term conservation of not only our National Parks but their surrounding vulnerable wilderness areas. 

In my personal capacity as CEO of the African Bush Camps group of companies I strongly object and vehemently disagree with the legalising and practice of hunting lions in any given area. I will personally be encouraging Zimbabwe National Parks and engaging with Government Officials to STOP THE KILLING OF LIONS and with immediate effect.