First female quadriplegic to climb Kilimanjaro

If you think climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is tough, imagine summiting the mountain in a wheelchair.
On 27 August 2015, Chaeli Mycroft -- an ability activist, wheelchair user and co-founder of The Chaeli Campaign -- will start her journey to become the first female quadriplegic to climb Kilimanjaro. 
A team of seven climbers will start the seven-day trek on 29 August 2015 with Mycroft, taking turns carrying and pushing her to the top of the tallest mountain in Africa in her custom-made lightweight aluminium wheelchair.
The aim of the climb is to raise funds in support of The Chaeli Campaign’s Inclusive Education Programme and The Chaeli Cottage Inclusive Preschool and Enrichment Centre. 
Mycroft and the climbers’ preparation for the climb was done under the guidance of Carel Verhoef, East African manager for tour operator Discover Africa. Verhoef has nine Kilimanjaro ascents under the belt and will be keeping close tabs on Mycroft’s condition as they climb the Rongai Route.
Ahead of the climb, Mycroft joked that, “The climb illustrates the importance of working together, instead of having disabled people just being awesome by themselves”.
Mycroft is the 2011 International Children’s Peace Prize winner and a Social Sciences student at the University of Cape Town.
The Chaeli Campaign, along with safari tour operator Discover Africa, have created a website where the public can follow the Kilimanjaro climb in real-time, on an interactive Google Map: