A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Choose the correct content partners

TIP: With so many content partners out there - it is important to choose the correct companies to partner with.  

Further information about choosing the correct content partners:

The correct content partners can really help to get your brand out there, and heads in beds. But any content strategy requires time, effort and money - that is why it is vital to be wise about your choice of content marketing partners and audiences.

We recently got this comment from one of our Content Marketing Kit members:

"As a former music journalist, digital agency owner, and current social media head of Safari365, Winchester Mansions Hotel and Touwsberg Nature Reserve, I’ve seen plenty of promises made when it comes to digital strategy and ROI. 

Becoming an authority is never easy. The kind hardworking people Africa Geographic have truly exceeded my expectations. Beyond their insightful content advice and proactivity, the results speak for themselves. When it comes to travel, Africa Geographic is the one bullet you need in your arsenal.

After publishing one article –
Top anti-poaching lodges In Tanzania – our domain authority jumped from 24 to 28. We also ranked number 1 on Google for the keyword we were aiming for."  

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